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At Citizen K9 Dog Training, our goals are happy dogs and happy people. Our training methods are dog-friendly and our kindness, patience and dedication are what make us so successful not only with dogs, but also with people.
A wide array of tools for training and an open mind enable us to come up with answers when other methods have failed. We feel that our creativity and willingness to adapt to specific needs are among our greatest attributes.

Since dogs can learn at all ages and stages of life, it is always worthwhile to form new habits, teach new things and improve your relationship. Often all it takes is a bit of motivation for your dog to want to perform and behave for you, and then you have a dog that is happy to offer behaviors that you appreciate. We have the understanding and expertise to figure out what makes your dog tick.

We use only gentle and humane methods to help your dog learn and begin to make changes at his or her own pace. Training methods are based on operant and classical conditioning and the concepts of clicker training. Positive motivators are used as rewards so that your dog is eager to learn and perform. We also focus on relationship development so that you and your pet are both devoted to making each other happy.

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Citizen K9 Dog Training Providing the best dog training in Patna for puppy training, basic obedience training, reactive dog training, behavior modification, and solutions to aggression, anxiety, and much more.

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